Red Dress Party San Diego 2023

Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier
8:00pm - 11:59pm
Red Dress Party San Diego 2023

Red Dress Party San Diego 2023!

Red Dress Party San Diego is a celebration that raises awareness and funds for organizations that serve the local HIV/AIDS community; but not your typical fundraising gala, this event is so much more.  

What Makes Red Dress Party San Diego Different?

Red Dress Party San Diego is a night of music and dancing mixed with charity and fun, where all attendees – and we mean everyone – is required to wear a red dress, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. This serves both as a powerful sign of solidarity and compassion for those affected by HIV/AIDS and a way to unite the crowd in one radiant theme. At this unique celebration we invite everyone to be brave, let loose, and celebrate impact.  

Returning to The Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier!

RDPSD 2023 blasts soff at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier. Guests will enter through the bay-side double doors to enter directly into the Pavilion, a 15,000 square foot, open-air mega-space that's all on one level, with room for over 1,000 attendees. This Pavilion features 40-foot tall ceilings and massive windows that give views to the San Diego Bay.  On the back end of the Pavilion are oversized roll-up doors that open to the View Court – a large outdoor space right on the water. Guests can expect all their favorites – such as live entertainment, a DJ, photo booths, on-site HIV testing – plus a new twist or two for a bright night of celebration.

THEME. Greetings earthlings, RDPSD 2023 is going to be out of this world. Set your phasers to stunning, because this party is about to blast off! Whether you’re a future fashionista, an alien superstar, a luminous celestial body, or a time-traveling spectator, we hope you embrace that the "The Future is Bright" in this future-forward utopia where everyone wears dresses and celebrates a future where HIV is a thing of the past.

HEALTH AND SAFETY INFO. For the overall wellness and wellbeing of our attendees and the community at large, we will abide by all city, state, and federal guidelines for an event of our size and may elect to add additional safety precautions as we get closer to the event date.

Fun and a Fundraiser

This year we aim to raise $66,000. Achieving this goal would be our largest single-year fundraising contribution to date. Over our past 8 years we've raised nearly $300,000 for the San Diego HIV/AIDS community! Here are ways you can help get us to our goal and stretch goal:  

  • Attend this year's Red Dress Party San Diego (and better yet bring a friend!)  
  • Come to any of our pre-events (like the RDPSD Launch Party or Red Dress Swap)  
  • Spread the word about #rdpsd2023 on social media to drum up awareness  
  • Donate to our organization online or at any of our events (all donations are tax deductible)


  • Do I seriously have to wear a dress? Yes, seriously. Everyone – that means everyone – has to wear a red dress (or dress-like garment) to the event. You will not be allowed to enter the event if you aren't in a red dress.  
  • Is there an age restriction to attend the event? Yes, you must be 21 years of age or older with valid ID.  
  • Is my ticket refundable? No, all ticket sales are final; however, tickets may be transferred to another person prior to the event.  
  • Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? If you want but digital ticket is perfect and we'll email tickets out again 24-hours prior to the event. We will also have a guest list and electronic check-in at registration. Just bring a valid photo ID.  

Already Going to RDPSD 2023? Here's Some Helpful Information:

  • WHAT TO BRING. 🎟 Of course you'll need that fab red dress (or dress-like garment) but you will need a photo ID as this is a 21+ event, and your tickets – either digital format (which we will re-send 24 hours prior to the event) or a printout – whichever is easier for you. If you lose your ticket on the way to grandma’s house, we will have an electronic guest list where we can look you up to check you in, but if you’re not in our system you will need to purchase a ticket at the door at the current door price so please make sure you you have your attendee information updated (see next section).
  • TRANSFERRING TICKETS. 🤝 Plans change, that’s life. To streamline the check in process for everyone, we recommend updating ticket information with the details of whoever is going to the event. This means if you bought or sold a ticket, update it now and save yourself time and headache later. Here’s a help article from Universe on how to transfer a ticket.
  • LIMITED PARKING. 🅿️ There is no parking at the venue and there are some parking lots in the area, but please note that some may close at midnight. So if you choose to drive, firstly don't drink and drive and secondly, make sure to pay attention to where you're parked and the closure times of said parking area.
  • DROP OFF.📍 Your ride can drive onto the pier, dropping you off at the front of the building – it might seem strange to be driving on the pedestrian walkway on Harbor Drive but just proceed with caution and get dropped off in style.
  • ENTRANCE. 🚪 This year, we are using a side entrance to the left of the main double-doors. Look for signs, a red carpet, and a pile of people in red dresses to show you the way.
  • VIP PERKS. 🤩 First, note that doors open early for VIP guests (at 7:30pm) to enjoy that open bar longer, and second, VIP guests can get their free drinks in the VIP Lounge only. Worry not, the VIP area is practically in the middle of the party, so you'll never be far from the bar. Luxe Lounge guests: please enjoy your free drinks from your dedicated cocktail servers to avoid slowing down the ever-busy VIP Lounge bars.
  • 50 SHADES OF RED. 💃 Poison apple, ruby slipper, burgundy, bordeaux, and lobster – we've seen it all and as long as mostly red you're good. Your accessories and trappings can deviate but please choose a red dress (or dress like garment) that is mostly if not 100% red. If you show up in a color that is obviously not red or in ANY FORM OF PANTS you will not be permitted into the event. This is a red dress party.
  • NO PANTS PARTY. 🚫👖 “Do I have to wear a dress?” We still get this question 8 years later, but I think we know what you mean – it doesn’t have to be a dress per se but at least has to be dress-like: skirts, togas, kilts, caftans, wraps, bathrobes, smoking jackets, tutus, sorongs – those all work just NO PANTS.
  • LIFE IN PLASTIC. 💳 We will be accepting both cash and cards for on-site ticket sales, drink purchases, and donations. There is an ATM at the event but we have no control whether it will be stocked sufficiently or not so please plan accordingly.
  • CHECK YO'SELF. ✅ We will be bringing back our coat check – but honestly, most people just check their crazy-insane high heels for more sensible footwear – so that's why we call it the "check yo'self" – it is $5 (cash or card accepted) for GA guests but complementary for VIP / Luxe guests. Please do NOT go barefoot at our event – firstly, that's just gross but secondly, there are lots of high heel spikes and opportunities to get hurt.

Red Dress Party San Diego 2023
8:00pm - 11:59pm
Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier
Think Red Project, Inc.
Think Red Project, Inc.
501(c)(3) nonprofit
EIN 47-3088390